Pen Grenade

Gadget: Pen Grenade
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: James Bond
Status: Destroyed

An exploding pen that could be used to threaten the bank manager next time you "sign on the dotted line" but not in this case, the pen actually contributed heavily on the success of the mission.


After fuel had been spilled thought Trevelyan's HQ in Cuba, Boris fiddled nervously with the pen twirling it around in his fingers and clicking it. The pen in detonated in four seconds after the pen is clicked three times, Bond kept a count on this. When it was about to explode he threw it from Boris' hands into the puddle of fuel and ducked for cover.


A ordinary look aluminum Parker pen, with an extraordinary feature, the pen was actually a Clas-4 grenade. The fuse was activated by three clicks of the pen, to detonate in 4 seconds, however it could be disarmed by clicking three times within that four seconds.