Piton Pistol
(Diamonds Are Forever)

Gadget: Piton Pistol
Movie: Diamonds Are Forever
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

A small pistol type gun, which could fire pitons at high velocity into solid rock. The devices are commonly used by mountain climbers to use as an anchor point.


After catching a ride on top of the elevator up to Willard Whyte's penthouse at the top of the Whyte House hotel/casino. Once at the top, Bond fired a piton into the wall, and created a pulley system, then climbing to the roof of the building, gaining access to the penthouse. Bond then discovered Blofeld and his double residing at the penthouse, Bond aimed the piton and fired it into the skull of Blofeld's double.


A small pistol, which had a large tube containing the piton, which was fired with a compressed air cartridge. The rope of the piton then uncoiled from the pistol, following the piton to it's destination.