Poison Knife Shoe
(From Russia With Love)

Gadget: Poison Knife Shoe
Movie: From Russia With Love
Owner: Rosa Klebb
Status: Seized

As assassination tool for SPECTRE agents, the shoe was equipped with a hidden catch in the sole of the shop, on tapping the catch a knife was retracted coated in poison.


Kronsteen was the first victim of the knife shoe, when his plan to kill Bond failed Blofeld ordered his death. As Kronsteen stood in from of Blofeld's desk Morzeny approached his side and kicking Kronsteen in the leg with the knife, he died seconds later. Towards the end of the mission, Rosa Klebb attempted to kill Bond with the shoe, but failed when she was shot by Tatiana


The blade of the shoe was studied at Q-Branch, the poison used was a liquid compound similar to phosgene gas.