Q Boat
(The World Is Not Enough)

Vehicle: Q Boat
Movie: The World Is Not Enough
Owner: Q (Still In Development)
Status: Damaged

One of Q's latest inventions (actually unfinished in the film, which may explain its lack of weapons), Q refers to it as his "hydroboat" and explains that it can be used in only 3 inches of water due to it's jet engines.


Bond humps in the unfinished Q Boat after the Cigar Girl's money bomb blows a hole in MI6 HQ. The Q Boat speeds down the Thames where Bond uses it's supreme maneuverability to good effect when chasing the Sunseeker. After the Cigar Girl blocks his route, Bond takes the Q Boat onto dry land through London's docklands and back onto the Thames opposite the Millennium Dome, where he jumps the boat up an embankment so he can catch on to her rising hot air balloon.


The boat uses a powerful 350 hp V12 Chevy "jet" engine, which sucks water in at the front and pumps it out of the back at high pressure, therefore eliminating the need for conventional propellers.

The Q boat's engine makes a very recognizable sound and can propel the craft at speeds of up to 70 Mph, more than enough to keep up with the enemy's Sunseeker.

In case the user requires extra power (e.g. to drive the craft along a busy street), two rocket motors are fitted to the rear of the boat which can be turned on and off for short bursts by the occupant.