Rappelling Belt

Gadget: Rappelling Belt
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: James Bond
Status: Unrecovered

An ordinary looking leather belt, which became standard issue to '00' agents. Not just any belt, hidden in it's buckle was a rappelling cord and piton.


When Bond was being chased by armed Russian troops in the KGB building in St. Petersburg, he fired the belt's piton into the ceiling, swinging across and kicking a soldier in the face on the way. Bond then smashed through the window, and landed in the vehicle pool, a Soviet tank caught Bond's eyes, he commandeered the tank, and sped off.


The "typical" leather belt as Q quoted it, was in fact not typical at all:

  • Silver buckle and black leather
  • Waist size: 34
  • 75 feet of fine steel cable, tested to carry Bond's weight
  • Self-embedding piton fired by a small explosive charge