Rolex / Magnet
(Live And Let Die)

Gadget: Rolex / Magnet
Movie: Live And Let Die
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

The stylish Rolex watch was equipped with a small but very powerful magnet. The face of the watch could also rotate at high speed which could be used as a mini circular saw.


Bond firstly used his watch for a more entertaining purpose, by activating the magnet and unzipping Miss Caruso's dress. Towards the end of the mission when Bond and Solitaire were being lowered into Kananga's shark pool, Bond used the magnet to get hold of a compressed air bullet. Bond then used the mini saw to cut through the rope around his wrists and free himself. After a fight with Kananga, Bond forced the bullet into Kananga's mouth, making him "bite the bullet".


A standard looking Rolex diving watch with a few added extras:

  • High power electromagnet, which could deflect the path of a bullet
  • The bezel was equipped with a diamond cutting wheel