Safe Cracker
(On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

Gadget: Safe Cracker
Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Owner: James Bond
Status: Obsolete

The bulky and now obsolete device was a portable photocopier and automatic safe cracker, used to gain access to Gebruder Gumbold's safe.


The bulky device was delivered to Bond via crane, up to a balcony outside Gebruder Gumbold's office. Bond attached a mechanical device to the tumbler dial, and set the machine to work, as it was cracking the safe by manipulating the tumblers, Bond leafed through a girlie magazine. The device finally opened the safe, and Bond took out some papers regarding Blofeld's claim to his title, Bond photocopied the papers using the machine and delivered it back to Campbell on the crane and left the office.


The device would be soon obsolete, and practically useless, it did however have an advantage of other machines in that it automatically cracked the safe, while the agent focused his concentration on other activities.