Sea Drill
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Gadget: Sea Drill
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: Elliot Carver
Status: Destroyed

The sea drill was a device about the size of a torpedo, which was launched and used to drill holes in other ships. The sea drill was attached to a cable so it could be retrieved and pulled back in.


The sea drill was launched from the Stealth ship towards the Devonshire, one of the Stealth's crew was directing the sea drill towards the Devonshire. The drill hammered through it's hull, as water gushed in, sinking the Devonshire. Towards the end of the mission, the sea drill was suspended inside the Stealth ship, Bond activated the drill, and pushed Carver in it's path, the drill headed straight for Carver and churned him into mince meat along with a row of computers.


A cabled device, in the shape of a large short cylinder, the device had three steel cutting wheels on the front of it. It was attached to a cable and electrical wiring and controlled from within the Stealth ship.