Signature Camera Gun
(Licence To Kill)

Gadget: Signature Camera Gun
Movie: Licence To Kill
Owner: James Bond
Status: Lost

The person in the viewfinder won't break the lens with this camera, instead they'll cop a bullet between their smiling teeth.


Bond was intending to use the camera gun to assassinate Franz Sanchez, however he was attacked and captured by two men from the Hong Kong secret service. The signature recognition device on the gun saved Bond's life as the attackers weren't able to fire it.


An box camera, that when assembled became a fully-fledged sniper rifle, complete with infrared scope. The ammunition could be loaded into the rifle via a mock film cartridge containing six, .220 calibre bullets. Another ingenious feature was an optical scanner built into the grip, recognising only one persons palm and finger prints, so that the weapon could not be fired by anyone else.