Ski Pole Rifle
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

Gadget: Ski Pole Rifle
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

You could use it incorrectly whilst snow skiing and get yourself killed, or use it to kill someone else, with bullets.


As Bond was going hell for leather down a snow slope on skis, Soviet agent Sergei Bargov was in hot pursuit. Bond swivelled around raised up one of his ski poles, pointed it at Bargov at fired it like a gun, instantly killing it's victim.


A standard snow skiing pole, but at the press of a button, a bullet is loaded inside the tube. There is a trigger on the handle that is used to fire the pseudo-rifle. The firing mechanism is modified from a hand gun, at placed at the end of a threaded tube.