Snow Motorcycles
(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: Snow Motorcycles
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: Kristatos' henchmen
Status: Unknown

Motorcycles used by Kristatos henchmen for running various "errands", like running people down, gunning people down and getting into fierce chases.


Whilst in Cortina, Melina is seen by Bond buying a crossbow, as she walks out of the store a henchman on one of the motorcycles attempt to run her down. Bond pushes her out of the bikes path and sends the cyclist speeding though the window of a flower shop. Later Bond is involved in a violent chase down a mountain slope, Bond on skies and the henchmen pursuing on motorcycles, after several attempts of shooting Bond down, all of the riders have been outsmarted, most of the motorcycles end up trashed.


Black motorcycles, with white fuel tank and mud guard. Also equipped with the following modifications:

  • Machine guns mounted on the handle bars
  • Spiked tires for travelling in the snow