St. Georges Trawler
(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: St. Georges Trawler
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: British Navy
Status: Destroyed

A standard fishing trawler that was equipped with an ATAC operations room. On the outside fishing activities were carried out as a cover. However on the inside, it was a missile targeting and firing base.


When the St. Georges accidentally picked up a mine in it's fishing nets, it was detonated whilst being raised, sinking the boat before the ATAC operator could fire the self-destruct mechanism. Being in Albanian waters, an official search could not be done, so Bond was sent to recover the ATAC before it fell into Russian hands.


A dirty fishing trawler used as a cover for Britain's ATAC missile targeting system. In the lower hull of the boat was a sealed room containing targeting controls and the ATAC, which was equipped with a self-destruct switch.