(The World Is Not Enough)

Vehicle: Sunseeker
Movie: The World Is Not Enough
Owner: The Cigar Girl
Status: Destroyed

The Sunseeker is a worthy match for 007's Q Boat. Used as a getaway by the beautiful but murderous "Cigar Girl", this £300,000 craft can travel at speeds of up to 80 Mph. As if that isn't enough, the boat is fitted with a deadly rear-firing machine gun which nearly spoils Bond's day. Top this off with two explosion-causing mortar cannons, and you have one of the meanest machines in ages.


The Cigar Girl uses the Sunseeker as an observation point to witness the bomb explode at MI6, a gun platform to try and shoot Bond through the new hole in his Headquarters, and as her means of escape along the Thames. Unfortunately for her, Bond makes chase in the Q Boat and two torpedo's force her to crash the boat into the quay side of the Millennium Dome.