Tank 343

Vehicle: Tank 343
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: Russian Army
Status: Destroyed

A Russian tank commandeered by James Bond, whilst escaping from being held captive. He took the tank to pursue General Ourumov who was holding Natalya captive.


After escaping from Russian troops, Bond ended up in a vehicle storage area, and drove off with one of their tanks in pursuit of Ourumov. Bond smashed through a concrete wall and chased on the tail of Ourumov's car, after tearing through a number of buildings in St. Petersburg, Bond followed the car to the ICBM train. Bond positioned the tank on the rails, with the train speeding towards him, he fired a shell at the train and fled from the tank, the train lifted slightly of the rails and flattened the tank.


Olive green Soviet tank, number 343.