Tape Recorder
(From Russia With Love)

Gadget: Tape Recorder
Movie: From Russia With Love
Owner: James Bond
Status: Obsolete

A old style box camera with a concealed miniature reel to reel recorder. It was designed for discrete interrogations and surveillance.


Bond used the recorder to tape Tatiana talking about the workings of the Lektor decoder. Whilst looking like two tourists casually taking photo's, the recording was then forwarder on to headquarters. During the interview Tatiana was distracted and persisted on talking to Bond about lovemaking, this was a potentially embarrassing situation as M, Moneypenny and other officials were gathered around a table listening to the tape.


A small "box brownie" camera, concealed inside it was a miniature reel to reel recorder powered by one nine volt battery. This device is now worthless compared to today's technology.