Tape Recorder Book

Gadget: Tape Recorder Book
Movie: Thunderball
Owner: James Bond
Status: Obsolete

A clever little tape recorder concealed in the carved out pages of a thick dictionary.


When Bond was out of his hotel, he activated the reel-to-reel before he left. On return, Bond replayed the tape, and detected noise, meaning that someone was in his room. Bond went into the bathroom and discovered Quist, one of Largo's brainless hit men, Quist was standing behind the shower curtain. Bond turned on the shower full heat, and scalded Quist who hobbled out of the shower, Bond spared his life and roughly threw him out of the hotel room.


An ordinary thick dictionary however in the middle of the book and big square chunk of pages had bet cut out. Inside the cut-out was a tiny reel-to-reel recorder, and the play, stop and fast forward/rewind buttons were cleverly concealed under a few of the thumb indents.