Toyota 2000
(You Only Live Twice)

Vehicle: Toyota 2000
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: Aki
Status: Unknown

Aki's Toyota 2000 GT, was a modified car which was issued to SIS agents. The speedy little sports car had a top speed of 230 km/h, which was perfect for zipping through the streets of Tokyo.


Aki's Toyota was used to take Bond to a meeting with Dikko Henderson, and to rescue Bond from being killed by Osato's men. Later, when Bond and Aki, came under pursuit by Osato henchmen, they used the car's communication device to contact Tanaka, and get the pursuing car dumped into the sea by a helicopter with a large magnet.


White, 1966 Toyota 2000 GT, 2-seater convertible. 6 cylinder engine, front and rear disc brakes. The car also came with the following modifications:

  • Small colour TV, used to speak with Tiger Tanaka, and as a surveillance monitor
  • FM transceiver, for communication purposes
  • Hidden voice activated tape recorder
  • Video cassette deck, installed in the glove box
  • Surveillance video cameras, hidden in the front and rear of the ca