Universal Exports Helicopter
(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: Universal Exports Helicopter
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: MI6
Status: Seized

This single rotor jet helicopter, bearing the MI6 cover, universal exports. The chopper which was hijacked by remote control.


The Universal Exports chopper picked up 007 from the cemetery whilst he was paying tribute to his deceased wife Tracy. Once in the chopper the pilot was electrocuted by remote and a taunting voice came over the loudspeaker in the cabin, it was a bald, wheelchair-bound villain, whom Bond recognised as Blofeld. The helicopter controls were taken over by Blofeld via a remote control panel on the wheelchair, as he trashed the helicopter around the sky, Bond tried overtaking but the controls were locked. After tearing out a few wires, Bond regained control and skilfully picked up Blofeld and the wheelchair on one of the choppers landing skids and dumped Blofeld down a gasworks chimney.


A Bell Jet Ranger helicopter registration number G-BAKS. This ordinary helicopter was painted red and white with the words "universal exports" written on the side. The chopper was rigged up presumably by on of Blofeld's assailants, with a remote control device which could take over the choppers electronics and use small electric motors to move the control stick and pedals.