Walther PPK
(Dr. No -> Tomorrow Never Dies)

Gadget: Walther PPK
Movie: Dr. No -> Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: James Bond
Status: Standard issue prior to Walther P99

Bond's classic gun, the Walther PPK is introduced in Dr. No when 007's Beretta is replaced by Major Boothroyd, the armourer of the secret service, after a nasty incident when it jammed. Ever since, it has become legendary as the weapon of a secret agent. It's small size with a flat design make it ideal for concealment and the 7.65mm calibre with a 6 round magazine pack a powerful punch. The PPK was introduced in the early 1930's and was initially marketed as a pistol for the German "Criminal Police" (undercover detectives). Ian Fleming chose it as Bond's weapon after consulting with a weapons expert named Boothroyd.


The Walter PPK has been Bond's weapon of choice since the Dr No mission. However Bond had previously been using a Berretta, which was not up to MI6 standards. The PPK has saved Bond's life on a countless number of occasions.

The first victim to the PPK, and Bond's trigger finger was Professor Dent during the Dr No mission who was shot twice also using the silencer. Bond's PPK has not left his side for seventeen missions, it has been replaced a number of times as it was lost or damaged.


The Walther PPK meets to the following specifications:

  • Calibre: 7.65mm
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Length in total: 6.7 inches
  • Height: 3.93 inche