Wrist Dart Gun

Gadget: Wrist Dart Gun
Movie: Moonraker
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

A dart gun the strapped under the user's wrist like a watch, was capable of firing small darts at the flick of a wrist. Bond was give two sets of darts, 5 poison tipped and 5 amour piercing tipped.


Bond used the wrist dart gun 3 times, once saving his life. Firstly he tested it out in M's office by firing a dart into a painting. Bond's life saving came, when he was in a centrifuge, the control room was taken over by Drax's henchman Chang, who turned up the G's to a lethal volume. Bond flicked his wrist, firing an amour piercer into the overridden stop button, stopping the machine with a short circuit. Lastly Bond used a poison tip to kill Drax, firing it into his heart and forcing him though an airlock into space.


A small gun like device propelled the darts by using pressurised gas, good for 10 firings before refill. The poison tipped darts, were coated with concentrated cyanide, the amour piercing dart had cores of depleted uranium - like the ammunition used in large bore military machine guns.