Zorin Industries Airship
(A View To A Kill)

Gadget: Zorin Industries Airship
Movie: A View To A Kill
Owner: Max Zorin
Status: Seized

A very large airship which could compare to the days of the Hindenberg, it was used by Zorin to hold meetings and conferences.


Using the airship boardroom, Zorin discussed his plan thousands of meters above San Francisco bay. As Zorin discussed his plan using raising maps which would put Goldfinger to shame, he passed around sample microchips and demanded each man buy shares at an outrageous price. One man refused and was taken out of the boardroom supposedly for a drink, however once reaching a flight of stairs and switch was flicked, the stairs turned into a slide and the man plummeted straight out the door.


A very large Hindenberg like airship, with a large cabin complete with a boardroom with a table which featured a raising topographical map. The airship was equipped with a staircase leading to the door, where the stair could be converted to a slide at the flick of a switch, expelling unwanted guests.