"Quantum of Solace: The Game" Walkthrough (2)

This walkthrough guide is for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii versions of "Quantum of Solace: The Game". Click the mission in the list below for the relevant section of the players guide (grey indicates 'coming soon').

  1. White's Estate
  2. Siena
  3. Opera House
  4. Sink Hole
  5. Shantytown
  6. Construction Site
  7. Science Center Exterior
  8. Science Center Interior
  9. Airport
  10. Montenegro Train
  11. Casino Royale
  12. Casino Poison
  13. Barge
  14. Venice
  15. Eco Hotel
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Sink Hole
Descend the hill and take cover behind the boulders. You will not be harmed by the helicopter’s gunfire if you remain stationary. When the gunfire momentarily stops, sprint and take cover behind the next set of boulders. You will eventually take cover behind a large boulder with a fire directly in front of it. To the right of this boulder is a descending hill. When the gunfire stops, descend the hill and take cover inside the plane wreckage. You will suffer significant damage, but will quickly heal inside the wreckage.

When the gunfire momentarily stops, proceed outside the opposite exit. You will follow a straightforward path. When you see a large piece of plane wreckage (a tail), proceed to the tail. Upon entering the river, crouch and utilize stealth. Positioned on the wreckage is a sentry you must disarm. Slowly approach him and take him down.

Turn left and you will discover enemies attacking your position. Eliminate them and proceed to their position. Upon reaching their position, turn left and follow the river. Ascend the small hill and eliminate the small batch of enemies. Across from your position you will see an ascending hill. Proceed to the base of the hill.

Cover is essential in this section. Think of the ascending hill and the row of rocks as an ascending hill with a row of enemies. Eliminate the closest row first and take cover behind the row they were guarding. Repeat this process until you reach the hilltop. Enter the cave that is glowing red. Exit the cave. Upon exiting the cave, you will see parts of a crashed helicopter. Proceed to the crashed helicopter and arm the machine gun.

As with the sniping portion of Opera House, enemies will approach from all areas randomly. Whenever you see a gun muzzle flash, eliminate the enemy. If you are harmed, proceed to the source (point in the direction of the red arrows when being shot) and eliminate the enemy. Do this until the objective is completed.

In this room, there are three red glowing lights produced by flares. Proceed to the source of the second (middle) one. Follow the straightforward path upward and eliminate the two snipers. Using your newly-obtained M14 sniper rifle, eliminate the guards attacking Camille’s position. You will soon receive fire from guards (two) are attempting to flank your right side. This portion will end when the helicopter appears in view.

Turn left to enter a second cave “room” and open the yellow case. Using your newly-obtained D.A.D. rocket launcher, destroy the helicopter. Two nicely placed shots will do the job. When the helicopter has crashed, proceed to Camille’s position to end the level. To descend the hill, return to the first “room” and jump down to begin descending.

Proceed to the shack across the snake pit, take cover, and eliminate the enemies. Work your way through the small shack to the beach. Approach the coast, turn left, and take cover behind the boxes. To eliminate the machine gun gunner, shoot the gas tank directly above the truck. Proceed forward and an enemy will open a shack door and begin attacking you. Eliminate him and proceed through the door. Proceed forward, turn right, and exit through the door. Proceed left and follow the straightforward path. You will eventually find yourself in a small shack with a yellow case. Open the yellow case and equip the CAT-8.

Though the CAT-8 may appear wildly inaccurate upon first glance, it is a wonderful gun to use when shooting from cover and thus, a wonderful gun for this portion. Approach the middle window and eliminate the guards proceeding toward you, in the garage, and to the upper-left of the garage. Approach the right-side window. Eliminate the enemies on ground level and those on the elevated level. Watch for enemies on your immediate right, upon the rooftop. When the pickup truck approaches, stay under cover and ignore it. It will drive away shortly.

Return to the middle window. Eliminate the few enemies still alive and the pickup truck will return. The garage door will also open, revealing a large gas tank. Ignore all enemies and concentrate all your fire upon the gas tank. The large explosion will eliminate all enemies. It will also create your exit. Proceed outside and chase the bomber – he will be running up the hill found on the right side of the garage.

Construction Site
Proceed to your right and run around the collapsing pipes. Ascend the small hill the bomber did. You will see a large blue plank leading upward. Jump onto the blue machinery (found on your left) and run up the plank. Enter the left room, crouch, and crawl into the open gated space. Proceed to the opposite end and exit the gated space. Turn right and approach the portion of the wall with a large crack.

Run forward, turn left, ascend the small bridge, and climb over the bar. Turn right twice, and proceed left via the planks. Jump to the machinery holding the pipes and detach the pipes to ascend to the bomber’s position. Proceed to the bomber’s position (the balancing mini-game is used) and jump to the “lower level.” Turn right, play the balancing game again, and jump to the building’s rooftop. Proceed forward to fall down to the lower level and descend the staircase. When you fall, turn left and approach the seemingly locked gate. It will automatically open. Turn right and proceed to the lift. Tear the cables (via the console) to descend. Sprint to the van.

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