"Quantum of Solace: The Game" Walkthrough (5)

This walkthrough guide is for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii versions of "Quantum of Solace: The Game". Click the mission in the list below for the relevant section of the players guide.

  1. White's Estate
  2. Siena
  3. Opera House
  4. Sink Hole
  5. Shantytown
  6. Construction Site
  7. Science Center Exterior
  8. Science Center Interior
  9. Airport
  10. Montenegro Train
  11. Casino Royale
  12. Casino Poison
  13. Barge
  14. Venice
  15. Eco Hotel
Order Online (All Platforms)

Directly in front of you is a camera patch box and a camera power box. Patch into the cameras and deactivate the camera. Note that there are two cameras present in this section. There is one above the large warehouse entrance and there is one attached to the small hut. To deactivate the camera atop the warehouse entrance, enter the small hut, climb over the window at the opposite end, and the camera power box is directly in front of you. Turn left and engage the guard in hand-to-hand combat. Head inside the warehouse, kill the guard with the sniper rifle, and restock on ammunition. Look outside and destroy the searchlights with your sniper rifle or well-placed assault rifle shots.

From this position, you must protect Vesper Lynd from guards as she proceeds through the barge. Using your sniper rifle (rather than your assault rifle) is highly recommended. This section is not particularly difficult; the enemies are more concentrated upon killing you than Vesper. Tanner will reveal the location of your targets. Most times, enemies will run toward Vesper on the lower level, will shoot from cover on the lower level, or will shoot (as snipers) on the upper level. If you cannot discover them and you are on a low difficulty level, stand up and fire some shots. When they fire at your position, you will get a general idea of their position. At one time, a guard will drag Vesper off-screen and you will not be able to prevent him from doing so. Restock on ammunition. From the viewpoint of looking toward the barge, turn left. A previously locked door will open upon your presence. Proceed downstairs.

From your position at the stairs, eliminate as many enemies as possible outside. When this position is no longer viable, take cover behind the wall and eliminate enemies. When most or all enemies have been eliminated, proceed outside and to the left. Take cover behind a large blue storage container. When you look out, you should see two enemies advancing to your position. Eliminate them and proceed up the bridge to the barge. Upon reaching the barge, take cover behind another large storage container. When looking out, you will notice a gas tank. Destroy this gas tank when the enemies briefly converge. Eliminate any enemies that may have survived or are advancing to your position. Collect their ammunition and eliminate the enemies that will appear from the right.

Advance toward where they came from to attempt to gain access to the upper deck. You will find a open door that will close shortly. To unlock it, look through the porthole to the door’s left and shoot the gas tank. This explosion will cause the door to open. Enter the newly opened door. Proceed forward and take the last left available. Head outside and climb the staircase to your right. After ascending the staircase, turn right and take cover near the barrels. Eliminate the enemy on the other side of this wall. Proceed forward and turn left. After briefly entering and exiting a gray storage container, look to your left. Climb the small ladder to your left to obtain a fair vantage point. Eliminate the enemies at the vantage point across from you. Sprint and jump to land upon that vantage point.

From that position, eliminate as many enemies as possible with your assault rifle. If or when the position is no longer viable, identify nearby cover on the lower level. Jump, sprint, and take cover quickly. The large blue square platform is highly recommended. When all enemies have been eliminated, a large storage container containing pipes should have collapsed at the opposite end of this section. This collapsed storage container creates a bridge to the next section. Proceed through this bridge. The large brown doors at ground-level are locked cargo doors. Ascend the small platform in front, activate the hanging switch, and enter the cargo doors to complete the mission.

Throughout this level you must follow Vesper on foot. Do not concern yourself with following her too closely; if this happens, she will only run faster. You will not fail the mission. However, you will fail the mission if you do not follow her closely enough. Proceed across the bridge and straight ahead. Afterward, turn right and stay near the left portion. You will eventually discover a building with an ascending staircase that leads to a vantage point of the courtyard. Upon emerging at the courtyard’s upper level, eliminate the guards.

Eliminate the guards on the upper level first, take cover behind a pillar, and slowly begin eliminating guards on the lower level. Be wary of guards that may flank you or make mad dashes for your position. When a certain pillar position is no longer viable, switch to a different pillar. Pillars found on corners or in the middle tend to work best. When pillars as a whole are no longer viable, proceed downstairs. At the stairs, there are two “sets” of stairs. Between these two sets of stairs is a small wall. If possible, attempt to eliminate enemies from this cover position. If or when this position is no longer viable, use one of the wall’s right angles at the base of the stairs or hide behind a pillar. When most or all enemies have been eliminated, a side of a fence will open on the courtyard’s lower level. Proceed through.

Turn right until you discover the bridge leading left. Take the bridge. After the bridge, look left and you will see an open gate. Enter through the open gate and ascend the staircase. You will seemingly discover a dead end. Sprint and jump atop the cross. After playing the balancing mini-game atop the cross, exit the deserted apartment via the left. Turn right, proceed forward, and take cover behind the uncompleted brick wall. From this position, eliminate as many guards as possible. To reach the lower level, proceed left until you discover a descending staircase on your right.

On the lower level, take cover behind the boxes closest to the other side of river. Eliminate the new guards that emerge. Afterward, proceed left until you encounter an ascending staircase on your right side. Ascend the staircase, proceed through the apartment, and you will emerge in a new section. Take cover behind the wall beside the descending stairs and eliminate enemies from your position. When this position is no longer viable, proceed downstairs and eliminate enemies from there.

Upon eliminating all enemies, the gate across from you will open and additional enemies will enter. Do not allow them to take cover; kill them as they enter. Enter the newly opened gate and take the bridge across the river. To your left is a motorboat. Use the motorboat as a bridge to reach the other side of the river. Climb over the railing and shimmy across. (As in the Casino Royale level, shimmy across windows or similar objects only when an enemy is not looking.) Eliminate the lone enemy outside and enter the house across from you.

Inside the house, proceed quickly – the house is flooding. Turn left and then right. Take another right and ascend the staircase directly across from you. Atop the staircase, hug the wall and turn left. You will see a large yellow pipe doubling as a bridge. Take this bridge, proceed through the corridor, and turn left. Turn left again when it is possible. Proceed across the wooden boards to another room. Afterward, turn left and ascend the staircase ahead of you and to the right. Atop the staircase, proceed forward and then right. Proceed forward and you will discover a hanging switch. Activate the hanging switch.

Activating this hanging switch will create a makeshift bridge across the flooding room. Do not run onto the bridge; jump onto it. The same goes for jumping off. Ascend the staircase and proceed through the right-side corridor. Take a left when possible and another left to emerge in the room where the stranded elevator is. Approach the elevator to trigger a cinematic. Shoot the guard with the nail gun to end the mission.

Eco Hotel
Proceed directly ahead (down the slope) and avoid the advancing car. Do not bother shooting; hug the wall as you see appropriate. Upon descending the slope to reach the garage’s ground level, shoot the guard fleeing to advance others. You will need his weapon, an M14. Switch it to fully automatic. Take cover behind the flower base and equip your pistol. Waste your pistol ammunition on the guards. If needed, shooting the boxes near the parked cars will release electrical energy that will momentarily stun them. When most or all guards have been eliminated, collect your ammunition and take cover. It is recommended that you take cover in the office (found on the right) or take cover at a pillar where your back is facing the locked gate where enemies will soon gather. Switch to your automatic M14 rifle. It is advised that you shoot as the gates are opening and while the guards are advancing toward your position. When most or all guards have been eliminated, proceed to the previously locked parking lot.

When all enemies in the second parking lot have been eliminated, two enemies will open previously locked double doors at the opposite end of the room. Eliminate the guards, enter the double doors, and ascend the staircase. Atop the staircase, turn right and unlock the door facing you. After unlocking, run past the lockers and through the double doors. Eventually, you will overhear a conversation between Dominic Greene and the general. If they are not alerted by your presence, fire some gunshots. Some enemies will emerge through the previously locked door. Proceed through the door and you will soon encounter two fires. To extinguish these fires and others, shoot the fire extinguisher.

Shoot the fire extinguisher found directly in front of the left-side fire and enter the office complex. Turn right twice and you will find yourself at the kitchen entrance. Before physically entering the kitchen, take cover behind the wall and eliminate as many enemies as possible. The first fire extinguisher can be found on the left wall. The second will be found on the right. Before entering the lounge (directly past the kitchen) take cover in the kitchen and eliminate as many enemies as possible. Enter the lounge. Exit the lounge via the door on the opposite end of the room and proceed downstairs.

Downstairs, you will find your path blocked by fire and obstructions. Shoot one of the windows and go outside. Shoot the last window on your right and return inside. Turn left, proceed upstairs, and enter the second hotel room on your left. In the hotel room is a door leading outside to a balcony. Proceed to the balcony and take cover behind the barricades separating hotel rooms. Proceed forward and a brief cinematic will be triggered. Shoot the tanks to trigger another cinematic. Enter the hotel room.

Inside the hotel room, stock up on ammo and turn right. The floor ahead will explode, leaving a beam to cross. Cross the beam and turn left. Descend the staircase, turn left, and enter the large room. Take cover immediately and switch all your weapons to fully automatic. Again, cover is essential. Switching cover is also essential – enemies have tendencies to flank you from upper levels or throw grenades. Upon eliminating a sufficient number of enemies, Dominic Greene will emerge with a squadron of elite guards.

Eliminate the elite guards normally. Dominic Greene conveniently takes cover near explosive tanks. There are two explosive tanks, both located in the center of the room. When he takes cover, shoot the explosive tank. Dominic Greene will flee to a second cover position, also near an explosive tank. Shoot the second explosive tank to kill Dominic Greene. Attempt to return to where you began this sequence. You will find your path blocked by fires, but an extinguisher will be available. Shoot the extinguisher, climb over the obstruction, escape the hotel through the window, and jump to the ground.

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