The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

Mission 1: Courier

Mission Objectives:
- Collect your equipment. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Collect Sir Robert's money from the vault. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Crack the safe and obtain a security pass. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the security tape. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escape with the money. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

You begin the mission at a receptionist's desk; the woman tells you that there's a safety deposit box waiting for you, so let's check it out. Take a right and enter the double doors. The security guard says that the privacy room has been set up for you, enter the first room on the right and open the box to find the Appointment Card.

Return to the main room and talk to the security guard by the metal detectors and show him your Appointment Card (hold A and press B to cycle through gadgets; press Z to use it). A cinematic plays, showing Bond handing over his weapon and entering Lachaise's office. After a bit of dialogue, the "Cigar Girl" assassinates Lachaise and makes a break for the exit. Using his multi- purpose glasses, Bond activates the Flashbang Pistol that was in the safety deposit box and knocks everyone in the room unconscious.

When the cinematic ends, look down at the unconscious guard and kill him. Cruel? Maybe, but he won't treat you with the same kindness when he wakes up so don't pass up a free kill.

Enter the office on the right; there's a civilian inside, make sure not to kill him. However, behind the door at the other end of the room is an enemy, so open it and be ready to fire. His death should attract another enemy from the other room; kill him and collect his Magnum. There's another enemy at the end of the hall, use the door as cover and take him down.

Run down the hall and peek around the corner. If you're playing on 00 Agent, a police officer will be standing there. Despite his hostility, you can't kill him. Sorry, find some other way to incapacitate him; punches will knock him out and darts put him to sleep for a few seconds. There's also an enemy behind him (or, on the easier difficulties, a bad guy will replace the cop), so shoot him from behind the wall.

Open the door on the right, but don't go inside. There are two enemies: one armed with a Meyer TMP. Kill the two of them and wait for reinforcements to come from the other room on the left. Two more brutes and a cop (00 Agent only) will enter, so take the cop down first to avoid failing the mission. When the commotion dies down, open the cabinets and collect some extra ammo.

Now head through the door at the other side of the room; there are a pair of civilians in here, as well as a safe on the right. Use the safe cracker to open it and grab your very own security swipe card.

If you're playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, leave the room through the door at the opposite side of the room and take a right, watch for any stray enemies trying to sneak up behind you. The very last door is locked, so use your new swipe card to unlock it. A bad guy and a cop (00 Agent only) will attack you, so knock the cop out and kill the guard. In the far left corner is some surveillance equipment; run over and use the data scrambler to destroy the backup video of the events that have taken place.

After you've completed the objective (or after cracking the safe on Agent), head back to the beginning of the hallway where the mission began. The very last room on the left requires the swipe card, so use it to gain access. Run over to the keypad and use the keypad decoder (that's some great foresight) to unlock the gate to the vault. Grab the brief case on the table and complete the objective.

Now it's the simple matter of getting outside. No jumping out the window like in the movie, we're too classy for that. Head downstairs, either by taking the elevator or staircase. Make sure to unequip your weapon; the main lobby is filled with Swiss police, but they won't attack if you're unarmed. Walk through the revolving doors to complete the mission.

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