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Mission 10: City of Walkways Part Two

Mission Objectives:
- Return to Zukovsky. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Collect the equipment from Zukovsky's car. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do not eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Destroy the attack helicopter. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Just when you thought it was over, there's a part two. While I personally don't think that this mission is very difficult (at least when compared to the hell that you just went through), there are a few areas, especially near
the end, that can be tricky. Luckily, you'll be equipped with better equipment (Soviets, body armor, GL40s) and there will be more offensive with Zukovsky's bodyguards.

Immediately when the mission begins, turn around and pick up the treasures left for you: a Soviet, Sticky Grenades, and some armor. Run over to the doorway on the other side of the room and enter the docks. Pull the lever on the left to lower the bridge, and a helicopter with a blade hanging down from it will fly down the middle. There are also two guards on the other side of the bridge, so take them out from here with your P2K (no need to waste your Soviet ammo just yet). When they're dead, head to the other side and enter the warehouse (make sure to avoid the helicopter).

Follow the maze of crates around the corner; there are two of Zukovsky's bodyguards fighting the three terrorists on the ground floor. They might be able to kill a few or all of them, but more than likely the guard in the room on the second floor will kill them when he fires a shot from his GL40. The positive is that this will probably kill his comrades as well, leaving you to hang back and kill the GL40 guard where he can't reach you.

Head to the end and kill the guard by the stairway. Now look up and throw your Sticky Grenade into the window where the GL40 guard was. The explosion will kill the three remaining enemies in the room, so head up the stairs and collect all of the ammunition in the room, which includes the GL40 and some extra ammunition, Soviet rounds, and 9MM ammo. Run down the opposite set of stairs and head for the door; two guards will drop down in front of you, so kill them with your Meyer (you still shouldn't have used your Soviet yet).

You enter a large open area with caviar vats and catwalks connecting the two warehouses. Run up the catwalk on the far left and strafe across, there's a guy with an RL22 on the roof to the right, and strafing will avoid being hit. At the end, enter the warehouse and follow the trail of crates to the open area.

Another pair of Zukovsky's bodyguards are fighting three terrorists down the hall; there's one on a crate in the front, one on the right in a small gap, and one on the left at the end of the hall. When they're dead, equip your
GL40 and head to the other side; quickly fire a grenade near the two guards by the door (one of them has a GL40). Around the left corner are two more guards, one inside a large crate with boxes of ammunition in it.

Leave the warehouse and head to the next one; an attack helicopter will begin firing at you, so hide in the entranceway of the warehouse to avoid being shot. The chopper will stick around the front for a while, but after about thirty seconds it'll go away. Now enter the warehouse and take a right, there's another body armor in the corner.

Take the right exit from the warehouse that leads to an open area with more caviar vats. There are three catwalks that lead to the other side; take the one on the far right, but wait for the chopper to cut through it and destroy the barrels first. Equip your Soviet and night vision goggles and run up the catwalk, there's a soldier with an RL22, so quickly gun him down before he gets a chance to fire a rocket. Look to the middle catwalk and kill the guard by the end before heading down and entering the next warehouse.

When the maze of crates ends, shoot the barrels near the two terrorists. Not only will the explosion kill the two of them, but the small flame will move across the floor and ignite the other barrels next to the other guard. Just make sure to get away from the end of the hall, there are barrels stacked behind you that will explode. Head over to the end of the warehouse and kill the two terrorists at the exit.

Exit the warehouse and begin to leave the docks, but back up when the attack helicopter attacks. When it passes you, follow behind it; there's a terrorist in the area at the end with an RL22. Equip your night vision goggles and kill him with your Soviet when he comes into view. Continue up to the main area and run down the ramp in the middle. Pick up the AT 420 Sentinel in Zukovsky's trunk and run over to the raises bridge (make sure to destroy the barrel first).

The helicopter will pass by you twice, and then hover over your head. When it does, switch you rate of fire to Automatic and unload all four rockets at it. Reload and repeat, if you run out of ammunition you can pick up more in Zukovsky's car, but unless you miss the chopper you shouldn't have to.

When the chopper explodes, the bridge will lower; there are two guards on the other side, so kill them with your Soviet and enter the warehouse to complete the mission.

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