The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

Mission 12: Fallen Angel

Mission Objectives:
- Open the security. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Rescue M. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Stop Elektra from warning Renard. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do no eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

After the insanity that was the two City of Walkways and Turncoat, the last three missions should seem like a walk in the park.

When the mission begins, run over to Zukovsky and pick up the P2K he dropped; he dies, asking you to avenge his nephew's death with his final breath. To your left is a spiral staircase, run up it and talk to Zukovsky's bodyguard, who tells you that Elektra went through a security door that requires fingerprint identification. Continue up the stairs and kill the guard through the door, two more appear at the doorway, so take care of them as well. Enter the room and pick up the crates of ammunition on the desk. There's also a fingerprint scanner on the table as well, how convenient, don't you think?

There are three more guards on this level, so kill them and head back down to the room with Zukovsky. Take a left and head through the door leading outside. Look right and kill the guy in the corner, and then head left. Look over the ledge and kill the guard on the balcony; collect his weapon and run to the far left area with the hole in the ceiling. From the balcony, kill the guard near (or on, occasionally) boat as well as Bullion, who's directly under you behind a barricade. Also, just to be safe, destroy the barrel on the docks to avoid getting caught in the blast later on.

Drop down into the hole to pick up some body armor. Use your machine gun to kill the five guards in the hallway. At the end, turn left and kill the pair of enemies in the room. Run down the ramp and shoot the two guards on either side of the room; the door leads outside, so run over to Bullion and scan his fingerprints. Remember that even if he falls into the water, you can still dive in and scan his prints.

Return to the room with Zukovsky by heading back up the ramp (watch out, the two guards in here have been replaced) and exiting through the door to the right. The room adjacent to the one with Zukovsky now has a terrorist in the upper level; you can either kill him or ignore him.

Since the area here has been cleared out, simply run over to the security door and use the fingerprint scanner to open it. When you enter, you'll see Elektra running up the stairs, but don't chase after her. If you examine the room, you'll see that there are two metal blast doors that will trap you if you try to run through. Not only that, but poisonous gas will emit from the vents on either side of the room. If this happens, you'll have to use your Watch Grapple and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. However, there's a much safer way to go. Look in the far right corner, there's a camera; a second one is also placed on the left right above you. If you destroy both cameras, the blast doors won't shut on you, allowing you to pass through unharmed.

Run up the spiral staircase and look left, there are two guards here. Kill them, but don't pick up their weapons. Enter the area on the right and shoot the guard, and then turn back into the hall where another pair of enemies have spawned. Like before, don't collect their weapons.

Return to the area you were just in and head down to the end; M is in the last prison cell on the right. Shoot the lock and enter the cell, Elektra will appear with Gabor. She takes M away with her and leaves you, unarmed, to fight Gabor.

Luckily (or unfortunately if you were expecting a great fight), Gabor doesn't put up much of a fight. Simply run up to him and start punching, he won't even get a single shot off. When he dies, pick up his weapon and return to the hall. Pick up all of the weapons that you left in the hall and run up the stairs opposite the prison. At the top are two guards, kill them and head into Elektra's room. There's a quick cinematic where Elektra mocks you, confident that you won't pull the trigger. When the scene ends, prove her wrong and put a bullet or seven into her skull. After a few seconds, the mission ends.

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