The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

Mission 4: Underground Uprising

Mission Objectives:
- Rescue the hostages. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Defuse the terrorists' bomb. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pursue the female assassin. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

You begin the mission with five minutes and thirty seconds before the bomb explodes. It doesn't sound like much, but it should be plenty of time. The main idea of this mission is to not murder a hostage by accident. The terrorists are right next to a civilian or hostage nine times out of ten, so watch where you aim. Also, civilians will be running back to the surface throughout most of the level, and at least one of them will die more often then not. However, this doesn't count as a casualty because you weren't the one who made the kill, so hang back and wait for any civilians to pass you to avoid failing the mission.

Run down the stairs and turn left; three or four civilians will pass by you, and the two terrorists in the ticket booth will begin attacking. Shoot the computer in the right window to kill them both, and then fight the guard standing on the left side of the area. Head down the path on the left side of the booth, past the soda machines is an escalator. A terrorist runs up it; so take him down before he gets the chance to fire off a round. Crouch down and allow the escalator to bring you to the bottom; there are two terrorists with a pair of hostages (not in Agent). Unload a bullet or seven into each of them quickly; unlike in previous hostage situations, these terrorists will execute their hostages after being shot at.

After the hostages are safe, collect all of the ammunition lying around (as well as body armor on Agent and Secret Agent), and then return to the ticket booth. Head right and kill the guard standing against the left wall before continuing. Crouch down, equip your Raptor, and crawl down the escalator on the left. Two terrorists appear and run up, so quickly kill them. Another terrorist soon follows, except he's on the opposite escalator. Wait until he stops about three-quarters of the way up, and then stand and take a few cheap shots. Collect their weapons and continue down.

Two terrorists are standing in the corner on the right, kill them both and then run left. Down the hall is your second group of hostages; this time the terrorist on the left is standing almost directly in front of his hostage, so if he crouches down and/or you miss your shot, there's a very good chance that you'll end up killing the civilian. Take your time and use the Raptor's laser sight as a precaution. When both terrorists are dead, continue down the escalator to the actual tracks. On this level in the main hall, a group of five or six civilians run past you as a terrorist chases after them. Kill the terrorist and take a right; two more enemies are standing in the corner, so take them down as well.

At the end of this hallway are the tracks along with three more terrorists and hostages (not in Agent). Quickly kill the enemies with your Raptor, and watch out when attempting to shoot the terrorist at the end; you won't have any time to get closer, so aim carefully.

On the left side of the tracks (on the opposite side) is a door leading to the other portion of the subway. This is obviously dangerous, as the subway car flies past you every couple of seconds. Right after it passes by, jump down and run to the small inlet just before the door. Wait there for the train to pass by again, and then head to the exit.

Run through this room and exit through the door at the other end. You end up on another set of tracks, but thankfully there aren't any moving trains to watch out for. Open the door to the train on the right and kill the enemies inside. Jump up into the car and head through to the other end; when you open the door to leave you'll find the last set of hostages (not in Agent). There are three terrorists, and the closest and farthest are holding hostages. Take them out the same way you did the others, and run down to the end of the tracks and take a left.

There's a guard in the main hallway, so kill him and get ready for the next pair that appear from behind the ripped metal gate. When they're both dead, enter the men's bathroom (the one on the right) and check all of the stalls for hiding terrorists. The last stall contains the bomb, so equip your bomb disposal kit and check it out.

When you get close to the bomb, two bars will appear on the right side of the screen: a blue one on top that represents the "life" of the bomb and a black one under it that represents how close you are to triggering the bomb's anti- tampering mechanism. Face the bomb and begin to defuse it, you'll notice that the bottom bar begins to fill up; don't allow it to, or the bomb will explode.

When the bomb's been defused, leave the bathroom and head right past the metal gates. Break the lock on the door on the right and enter inside. The stairway in front of you explodes, hinting that you should use your Watch Grapple to get up. However, it's been my experience that you're a sitting duck while climbing up the grapple, so don't bother. Instead, head up the stairs to the point where it broke off. Kill the terrorist on the other side and jump across the gap. You have to be fairly close to the edge before jumping, but there's enough leeway to make it doable. Once on the other side, run up the stairs, killing the last pack of terrorists as you go, and break off the lock on the door at the top. You'll see our female assassin escaping in a balloon, so run up to the balloon to complete the mission.

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