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Mission 6: Night Watch

Mission Objectives:
- Avoid alerting Gabor. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid alerting Davidov. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid any casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find telephones and plant wiretaps. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Photograph evidence. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Even though the mission objectives are constant throughout all three difficulties, the number of documents that you have to photograph and phones you have to tap vary. Here's a quick list of all changes:

Agent: two phones, two pieces of evidence Secret Agent: three phones, three pieces of evidence 00 Agent: four phones, three pieces of evidence

And keep in mind that all of the telephones and pieces of evidence won't be present on the lesser difficulties, so you won't have your pick of which ones to complete the objective with.

Also, you can't kill anyone in this mission. No one. Which means the only two ways of incapacitating someone is by using your Watch Darts or punching their lights out (best used when combined with the Watch Stunner). Just be warned that if you use a tranquilizer dart on someone, they'll wake up about thirty seconds to a minute later. This gives you enough time to get from Point A to Point B, but if you have to wait around or complete part of an objective, don't be surprised if you have to deal with them again. Unless it's specifically noted otherwise, your best bet is to stick with your fists and keep them down for the count.

Oh, and one final note. You can't knock Gabor or Davidov out without failing the respective objective. Also, you can't attack anyone while they're in the area without catching their attention.

Now that that's been covered, it's time to get down to business...

After a quick reminder from Robinson and R about being stealthy, you find yourself in your bedroom. The first thing to do is tap the telephone on the desk near the door (1/4); there's no way to get back here if you forget to. Open the door that leads to the balcony and jump over the left railing. Drop down into the courtyard and crawl to the locked gate. Shoot the lock off and activate your x-ray glasses; wait for the guard to walk up to the gate and begin heading back down, and then follow him. Knock him out and run down to the high wall. Activate your glasses again and wait for a guard to walk in front of the security building. Follow after him and knock him out, make sure that you're crouched to avoid being seen by the guard in the building through the windows. Return to the door and equip your Watch Stunner; enter inside and zap him for a few seconds and knock him out as well. Use your data scrambler on the small gray box to disable all of the cameras in the area.

Now return to the main courtyard. Crawl left between the wall and the bushes; at the end are three guards talking to each other. Activate your glasses and look through the archway to make sure that Gabor isn't coming, and then knock the three of them out with your Watch Darts. Head through the archway, there's a guard overlooking the pool. Sneak up behind him and punch him out. Head around the pool and enter the garden. There are two guards walking up and down the main rows and two more in front of the door leading to the dining room.

The one on the left walks up and down, while the one on the right walks around the shrubs on the right. Also, Gabor occasionally is in the area, and his round takes him completely around the perimeter.

Hug to right wall and use the shrubs for cover. Peek around the right side and knock out the two guards standing in front of the doorway to the villa, as well as the guard walking around the shrubs if he's in the way. Enter the villa and tap the telephone on the left (2/4), and then head through the doorway on the right. On 00 Agent, there's a guard walking around the hallway, so use the Watch Stunner to prevent him from shooting you and knock him out. Take a right and head inside the room to find another telephone on a small desk (3/4).

Afterwards, return to the hallway and enter a courtyard with a second security center. There are two guards in the courtyard itself, so use your x- ray glasses to survey the area before heading outside. When the one walking around the perimeter passes by the doorway, use a tranquilizer dart to knock him out and then sneak up to the other one in the right corner. Knock him out with the Watch Stunner and run over to the security center; there's a third guard inside, so take him down the same way you did before. Disable all of the cameras in the area and then head over to the archway across the courtyard.

There are two different paths to take, a courtyard on the left with a security center and a stable that leads to the end of the mission. Take the left path first; destroy the lock on the gate and watch out for the guard doing his rounds along the perimeter. If you can keep things quiet, follow behind him and use your Watch Stunner. If he sees you, switch to the Watch Dart and knock him out from afar, but get ready for the guard in the security center to investigate the noise. When both of them are out of the picture, disable the cameras and return to the archway.

Shoot the lock on the door to the stable and enter inside. There's a small room on the right with the first piece of evidence. Equip your Watch Stunner and enter the room; two guards are inside, so stun them until they drop their weapons and punch them out. In the very right corner is a safe, use your safe cracker to unlock it and take a photograph of it with your camera (1/3).

Leave the room and exit the stable through the door on the right. There's a long, wooded pathway that leads to the last security center, but you first have to get through the group of guards at the beginning. Equip your Watch Dart and hide behind a tree; there's a good chance they know you're in the area, so be quick about knocking them out.

When they're all unconscious, run down the path and enter the security center at the end. There will be a small cinematic where you see Davidov walking down the trail, hinting that this last portion of the mission has a time limit to it. Quickly run over to the desk on the left and tap the telephone (4/4) and photograph the papers right next to it (2/3). In the center of the room is another desk with a small slip of paper on it (it almost looks like a plane ticket), photograph it (3/3) to complete the objective.

Quickly get out of the security center; remember that Davidov is coming your way. Hide behind the building while your list of completed objectives is updated. When it's finished, you'll receive a new objective: get into the back of Davidov's car. However, if you took too long and Davidov is in sight, wait behind the security center until Davidov enters the building before crawling over to his car. Use the Action Button on the trunk of the car to climb inside and complete the mission.

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