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Mission 7: Midnight Departure

Mission Objectives:
- Eliminate Davidov. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pick up Davidov's phone. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Get the controller to land the plane. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find Dr. Arkov's ID badge. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Find an item to bribe the pilot. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Board the plane. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid civilian casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

This mission isn't as strict when it comes to stealth, but you still have to be quiet to avoid setting off the alarm. If you do, not only will it attract the enemies around you, but heavily armed reinforcements will also begin tracking you. However, the positive is that you're allowed to kill once again, so no more Watch Stunner or Darts. Also, you're equipped with night vision goggles, which makes things a lot easier when trying to get head shots.

You begin at the end of a path next to Davidov's car. Follow the path around the bend and take a right into the wooded area. Beyond a tree around another corner is a guarded facing away from you, turn on your goggles and shoot him in the head. Pick up his Deutsche M95 and immediately equip it; if you look straight ahead you'll see the main path that you branched off of before. Davidov should be passing by your field of vision any moment, so look through your scope and put a few rounds in his head. The M95's highest rate of fire is burst, but quickly shooting off three bursts of fire should be more than plenty to make Davidov eat the ground.

(NOTE: If you aren't able to kill Davidov, he will be standing inside the flight control tower near the end of the mission.)

After he dies, three enemies will come to investigate what's going on and sound the alarm. Shoot the radio that activates the alarm to kill the three of them in the blast; luckily, no one else will come and attack.

Run over to Davidov and pick up his phone to complete another objective; look right, there are two terrorists perched on a cliff at the end of the path. Equip your M95 and switch the rate of fire to single; activate your night vision goggles and kill them. Head down the dirt road and destroy the radio in the side to avoid any possible alert. To your left is another wooded area, there are a few enemies scattered around, but only one should be in your way. Kill the enemy in the clearing from afar, and then run into the woods and enter the small hut on the left. Pick up Dr. Arkov's ID badge on the table with the radio on it, and then return to the main path.

Continue down the road and kill the two guards who try to attack you. Look right, there's a radio behind a small barricade. Before you destroy it, shoot the terrorist behind the tree on your right. Collect his weapon and look down the path, there are two guards on the bridge; use your sniper rifle (the Suisse SSR 4000) to kill them with ease.

(NOTE: If at any time up to this point an enemy sounded the alarm, the bridge will be guarded by a military convoy.)

Cross the bridge and run down the path. After a few hundred feet, you'll come across a truck being guarded by three soldiers. Equip your Deutsche M95 (make sure to have the rate of fire on burst) and quickly gun them down. Jump into the back of the truck before it drives away, and you'll have a free ride directly to the heart of the airport. If you don't make it into the truck in time, you're forced to walk. The path is relatively empty, but make sure to check behind the trees for any surprises.

When the truck stops by the flight control tower, kill the two guards by the tower from inside the back of the truck. Climb out and look around; there are four watchtowers scattered around the airport, the three farthest from the right have guards in them. Use your SSR to kill them, and then look across the airport to the cement compound being guarded by two soldiers: one in the entranceway and one walking around the outside. Snipe them both from your position before entering the compound. There are two enemies in here behind the last truck on the right; kill them and look in the back of the first truck. On Secret Agent, there's a sports bag in the back that you can use to bribe the pilot with.

On 00 Agent, however, the bag will be in a different place. Outside of the compound is a large warehouse with two guards inside. Shoot the barrel to kill them both and collect the sports bag next to them.

Either way, after collecting the sports bag for the pilot, run back to the flight control tower and head inside. There's a civilian on the left, so make sure not to get trigger-happy. If you haven't killed Davidov by now, he'll be by the stairway at the end of the hall.

Head up the stairs and kill the terrorist at the top of the first flight. At the very topic is the air traffic controller, talk to him and he'll agree to give the plane its landing clearance.

Once the conversation ends, run back outside and head over to the plane. Talk to the mercenary on the other side, and after making sure that you have your ID badge and a bribe, the mission ends.

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