The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

Mission 8: Masquerade

Mission Objectives:
- Infiltrate the facility. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Christmas must survive. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Avoid casualties. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Pick up the locator card. (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Escape from the blast pit. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

Run left and talk to the guy in the military uniform on the left; he asks to see your transport documents, so show them to him. He tells you to find the IDA physicist who can tell you where you're supposed to go. Check out the other end of the area, there's a woman in black shorts and a gray shirt; talk to her and show her the transport document. Christmas tells you to head down in the elevator, so go over to the building and enter the elevator. When both of you are in the elevator, it begins its descent to the weapons area.

When the gate opens, head down the hall to the blast door. Use the control panel on the left to open it, and then follow the path right and open the blast door in the room.

There's a brief cinematic where Bond confronts Renard; but before he's able to complete his mission, Christmas appears and blows his cover. Renard's henchmen attack afterwards, and both Bond and Christmas jump into the blast pit to avoid being killed.

Inside the blast pit, so have a pretty good view of the three soldiers that are still in the area. Remember, you can't kill the guys in the military uniforms, but they won't attack you either. The only enemies are Renard's mercenaries; you can identify them by their blue jumpsuits. The first terrorist is on a green platform that is slightly raised. The second is on the left, his head barely sticking out from above the wall. The last soldier can be seen through the tower of red bars; you can just make out his beige face.

When all three of them are dead, turn around and look straight up; there's a grapple hook in the ceiling, so use your watch to climb up from the pit. Collect all of the weapons, including the AKs from the dead military soldiers, and head through the open blast door. There's a large metal cart between you and the two terrorists, so crouch behind it and aim through the bars to kill them. When they're dead, push it forward until the next pair appears, and repeat the previous strategy. Now look right, there's a small room with a lone guard inside. Kill him and pick up the locator card that he drops before continuing to push the metal cart. A third pair of henchmen attacks you, and past that the blast door closes on the cart, preventing it from going any farther.

To your right is a crate, jump on it and drop down onto the cart to continue. Use the walls as cover against the seven or eight more guards down the corridor. Try and lead a few at a time away from the main group to make it easier. When you reach the end, talk to Renard in the elevator; a quick cinematic hints that there's a bomb about to explode, so run back up the corridor and jump up to grab the yellow and black railing before the half- closed blast door. Another cinematic shows Bond escaping from the corridor, and you regain control when you drop down at the blast pit.

Three more terrorists will attack you from the left, so kill them and enter the corridor leading back to the beginning of the level. The open blast door is blocked by fire, so use the green platform on the right to jump over it. From the platform, shoot three of the four terrorists in the area before dropping down and killing the last of them.

Continue down the corridor and take a right, there are two terrorists fighting a group of military soldiers. Allow Renard's henchmen to kill them to prevent an accident casualty, and then open fire. Collect their weapons and head to the corridor on the other side of the area. There are three more terrorists by the elevator, so kill them and enter the lift. Christmas is inside as well, so sit there until the explosion reaches the elevator to complete the mission.

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