The World Is Not Enough VG (2000) - Players Guide

Mission 9: City of Walkways Part One

Mission Objectives:
- Locate Zukovsky. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Keep Christmas Jones alive. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Do not eliminate your allies. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
- Retrieve Zukovsky's computer files. (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent)

The next three missions, the two City of Walkways and Turncoat, are the three most difficult levels in the game. Regarding the City of Walkways, you're main problem is having to deal with the enemies equipped with GL40s and RL22s. If you're caught in the blast, expect to lose at least half of your life.

But even with the risk of losing chunks of your life, that's not the whole problem. You're main weapon will be the Meyer TMP, which lacks enough stopping power to kill an enemy without draining a lot of ammunition. This means that you're going to be low on ammo more often that not, on top of the constant barrage of attacks.

You begin the level in a small dock house near the main warehouse of Zukovsky's caviar business. Run up the ramp and enter inside; there's a padlocked door on your left that leads to an office. Break the lock and enter to trigger a cinematic; when Zukovsky enters the room, Bond asks for information relating to Elektra and Renard. At first, the ex-KGB is hesitant, but when Elektra's brutes attack his factory, he agrees to give Bond any information he has in exchange for protection. Everything he has on the subject is stored in a computer on the other side of the area.

Head through the door on the other side on the room and stop at the beginning of the ramp. There are two terrorists at the bottom; one of them runs about halfway up on the left and the other about two-thirds of the way up on the right, so stay by the door and kill the latter when he comes into view. Strafe right and quickly kill the other guy, and then head down the ramp. On
Agent, there's a Soviet and a few crates of ammo in the corner, but otherwise you're stuck with the Meyer.

Take a left and exit the warehouse. The dock runs left, with two guards on the lower level and two on the high. Run up to where the dock turns and hide behind the stacked palettes. Shoot the right guard on the higher level from there and wait for the two on the bottom to run over to you. Kill them and make a break for the ramp; shoot the guard and open the warehouse gate by flipping the lever next to it.

Three more terrorists are waiting at the end of this room, two with Meyers and one with a GL40. Stay back and kill all three of them from behind cover; collect their weapons and hit the switch on the right to bring down the elevator. If you couldn't guess, there's going to be a welcoming committee coming down with it (two on Agent, three on Secret Agent, four on 00 Agent). When the doors open, shoot your only round from the GL40 to take them all out in one swoop and enter the elevator. When it reaches the top, leave and peek around the corner; there are two guards at the end of the hall, so kill them one at a time from behind the wall.

Head down the hallway and jump onto the conveyor belt on the other side of the room; run past the window to avoid being shot and quickly switch belts to continue. Look down into the room below you, there are four or five guards hiding behind and on top of crates; use this vantage point to pick a few of them off, and with any luck the one with the GL40 will fire into a crate and kill himself.

Follow the conveyor belt to the bottom and kill the guard at the bottom. Turn around and head down the path (make sure to kill the GL40 solider from afar if you didn't before); peek around the crates to find each of the guards in the area, don't forget the guy on top of the crate to your left. When they're all dead, collect their weapons and flip the switch on the side of the wall to open the gate back by the conveyor belt. Return there and head back outside.

This is where things begin to get complicated. No doubt you've already taken damage, and there are three soldiers with RL22s in the area that are ready to blow you apart.

Run over to the right side of the dock and crouch down; you should be able to see a guard with a GL40, so take him out from there. Head down and crawl to the dock house. Kill the guard inside and flip the switch on the left. Hug the back wall and kill the enemies by the boat. Be quick about it, because the soldier with the RL22 might decide to get in on the firefight.

Return to the gate and continue left, there's a guard standing by a bunch of crates at the end. Kill him and head down; you can't see him, but the guard with the RL22 is at the other end of the dock. Run up the dock (sounds suicidal, I know) and equip you night vision goggles; when you see the guard about to fire a rocket, strafe in one direction to avoid it. As you close the distance between the two of you, unload as many rounds as you can to kill him. Run up the dock and kill the guard behind the crates near the end; from here, take a right and kill the two guards, one actually on the docks and the other next to the warehouse (with another RL22). Avoid his missiles by strafing and take cover from the other enemy with an RL22 by hiding where the other guard was. When you're ready, run along the warehouse wall until the final guard comes into view. Kill him quickly and run up the stairs leading into the warehouse.

Two terrorists are on the bottom floor, but on Agent there are a pair of Zukovsky's bodyguards as well, so make sure not to accidentally kill them. Head upstairs and kill the next pair of guards from the stairway, peeking your head over the side until you can just make out their heads. On the top floor is a guard in the main area with a GL40, along with three others in the
small room on the other side. More than likely the one with the GL40 will blow himself up, and you can kill the others by shooting through the windows.

Enter the room and run over to the computer in the corner. Use the covert modem to access all of Zukovsky's files on Elektra and Renard, and then climb down the ladder to your left. Around the corner of the warehouse is one last terrorist, so kill him and continue to the next warehouse.

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