Irma Bundt
(Ilse Steppat)

Character: Irma Bundt
Actor: Ilse Steppat
Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Age: 49
Appearence: Red hair, short, stocky and masculine features. Thick German accent.
Status: Unknown

Irma Bunt is Piz Gloria's stern matron. She is also Blofeld's aide in bringing about his plan to release walking time bombs into society in the form of beautiful young women. Bunt soon puts an end to Bond's amorous antics with Blofeld's bevy of beauties, and finally ends 007's hopes and dreams when she callously guns down his wife just minutes after their wedding.

Most memorable quote:
"Come on, girls. Time for our massage."


Strongly resembling Rosa Klebb, Bundt was cold hearted, authoritative and humourless, with the instinct of a killer. Bundt was at ease whether she was acting as the tyrannous caretaker of the women used for tests at Piz Gloria, or as the loyal henchwoman and assassin to Blofeld.


Irma Bundt was Blofeld's personal secretary, who would carry out Blofeld's every order, this included wathing his many women at Piz Gloria to ensure they were safe and that they were not interferring with Blofeld's secret operations. Bundt also served as a henchwoman and protecter of Blofeld; she was responsible for the drive-by shooting of Tracy Di Vicenzo only moments after her marrying James Bond.