Sasha Davidov (Ulrich Thomsen)

Character: Sasha Davidov
Actor: Ulrich Thomsen
Movie: The World Is Not Enough
Age: Mid 30's
Appearance: Tall, fair haired chief of security for Elektra King.
Status: Terminated


Sasha Davidov is a loyal chief of security to Elektra King, so loyal in fact, that he is made central to her plans with Renard. He is eliminated by Bond after he takes Arkov's place in the quest to steal a nuclear warhead.


Davidov is in effect Elektra's right-hand-man, as he is in charge of her personal security and also meets with Renard regularly. He takes over Arkov's job of infiltrating the nuclear decommissioning site but only makes it as far as the airport. After having his devotion to the cause tested by Renard and his scolding rocks, Bond discovers Davidov's affiliation and is shot twice by 007 and dropped into a trash skip.