Elvis (Anatole Taubman)


Character: Elvis
Movie: Quantum of Solace
Status: Terminated
Actor: Anatole Taubman
Date of Birth: 23 December 1971
Place of Birth: Zürich, Switzerland

The estranged cousin of the villainous Dominic Greene, Elvis fills the role of Chief of Security for his sadistic relative. Willing to put himself in the face of danger for Greene, Elvis is a trusted companion and henchman for his scheming cousin.

Elvis was raised in poverty before being rescued and recruited by Dominic and has proved loyal ever since. He is proud of his newfound wealth and particularly with his oft-times odd appearance: especially his choice of clothes. An echo to his grief-stricken past, Elvis is somewhat naïve and socially awkward, blindly following Greene's commands.

Elvis meets a fiery end - holding his ground and loyally defending his boss whilst Greene attempts to escape from Bond amidst the explosive eco-centre.

Anatole Taubman was born to a German father and an Austrian mother. Growing up he learnt to speak three languages: English, German and Swiss German. After completing schooling in Switzerland, Taubman was further educated at the prestigious New York based drama school, Circle in the Square. Through his study at the college, Taubman won roles in off-Broadway productions, including "The Rehearsal" and "It's Only A Play".

Out of drama school and into the highly competitive world of full time acting, Taubman supplemented his work with a range of modeling work in the States before returning to Europe in 1997. In the late '90s, Taubman appeared in a variety of Germanic TV movies including the critically acclaimed "Doppelter Einsatz-Evas Tod".

Taubman's popularity grew in Germany as well as internationally being welcomed by producers and directors alike. His credits include "Be Angeled" (2001), "Mask Under Mask" (2002) and "Mein Name Is Bach" (2003) - for which he was presented with the Best Supporting Actor award at the Swiss-Filmprize awards. His international credits include British TV series "P.O.W" [Point of War], "Spooks" and "Waking the Dead". In 2007 Taubman was rewarded with the Prix Walo, one of the most prestigious awards in Swiss entertainment.

"Anyone involved in the Bond production must sign a 'non disclosure agreement' which includes everything down to the last detail. It is fitting that there is so much secrecy on a production for the most famous agent in film history."

"For me it's the juice of life, I love traveling, seeing new places, meeting people and engaging in new cultures so it has been a part of my life for many years" - Taubman discusses shooting on location

On the direction of 'Quantum': "I love it on this picture, you have a certain format and you have it written in the script but Marc Forster is very open so you can develop the character from there. He has a vision and the artists are invited to help round that vision, we all have creative input."