Hector Gonzales
(Stefan Kalipha)

Character: Hector Gonzales
Actor: Stefan Kalipha
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Age: Mid 30's
Appearence: A fair athletic build with a pleasant playboy-aspiring exterior.
Status: Terminated


A Cuban gunman for hire with no particular style or modus operandi, he employs any means necessary to complete the job. Unthinkingly ruthless in his attack Gonzales does not seem to have any personal concerns except earning a sufficient amount of money to retain his expensive lifestyle.


Gonzales is hired by Emile Locque to kill Melina Havelock's parents. Timothy Havelock and his wife were working secretly for the British to salvage the St. George to recover NATO's ATAC. Having brought Melina in by plane to the Havelock's boat, Gonzales makes a second run over the Havelock's and uses his planes double gun emplacement to gun them down. Having escaped the shooting herself Melina successfully tracks Gonzales down at his mountain mansion and puts a crossbow shot in his back, at the same time rescuing James Bond from capture.


Reminiscent of the Playboy Mansion, Gonzales surrounds himself with luxury and beauty in the form of numerous beautiful women. Despite Gonzales good taste in beauty, his luxury is superficial lacking any intellectual or cultural involvement. All this can be quickly seen in his oasis of pleasure that is guarded by his own battalion of armed men.