Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric)

Mathieu Amalric - Biography


Actor: Mathieu Amalric
Character: Dominic Green
Movie: Quantum of Solace
Date of Birth: 25th October 1965
Distinguishing Feature: Penchant for perfection and art.
Appearance: Short, wiry physique, high brow and bony face, receding matted dark hair, close-shaved & deep brown eyes
Status: Terminated
Organisations & Alliances: Quantum, Greene Planet, Elvis, General Medrano, Mr. White

Dominic Green is a sly, devious man. While at first he appears to bear good morals, it soon becomes clear that his intentions are far from honourable. Greene is behind an organisation appropriately titled Greene Planet - apparently a forefront for global preservation and eco-friendly fundraising but, in reality, Greene Planet harbours a series of dodgy criminal transactions and hostile political take-overs. Bond runs into the corrupt industrialist while on the tail of an MI6 traitor in Bolivia - still bitter and broken up by the death and betrayal of Vesper - but does Greene know more than first appears?

"I don't have something on my head, or a metal jaw, or an eye that bleeds, or anything that says 'oh, he's the villain'. I just have my naked face."

Greene, with financial connections from shady Mr. White, attempts to stage a hostile coup in the small, South American nation of Bolivia - after having successfully thrust Haiti into a military dictatorship. The scheming villain plans to bankroll the corrupt and previously outlawed General Medrano in his plot to take charge of the nation and a monopoly on the water supply. In exchange, Greene will earn himself unprecedented access to key natural resources, recently discovered in the otherwise barren nation.

I've Been Expecting You
007 and the self-serving villain come face to face at a lavish fund-raising cocktail party, hosted by Greene as a front for his eco-organisation. Here the corrupt businessman makes a ingratiating speech to a 700-strong crowd, lapping up the glamour.

Greene operates out of the impressive and expansive Eco Park in Bolivia; an environmentally friendly rest and recuperation centre.

Gadgets & Vehicles
Dominic Greene takes to the skies - operating out of a private jet, ready to transport him and his entourage at his command.

Dress Code
Greene is always observed impeccably dressed in well tailored suits to rival even 007's tastes and styles. The villain is often seen in a range of coloured open collar, silk shirts and tweed jacket or for a more casual rendezvous baggy and tropical-style shirts and light slacks. His 'Q' lapel pin is the logo for an underground organisation of which he is a member.


"It's a lot of work and I'm not allowed to leave for more than one day, unfortunately" - Amalric on working on location

On landing the villainous role: "I think I'm here because Marc Forster likes actors. We've already shot three days and I really feel that the guy is so happy to have these actors. He's shooting what happens on the faces. Maybe my getting the part has to do with Munich too."

"What could be a villain today? Maybe it's somebody who you don't guess is a villain immediately. They are just like wallpaper. You don't know where the threat can come from."

"What is horrible about today, is that we can't guess who the villains are. The villains are invisible. There is the fantasy that is James Bond, but there is always something that could be real, and it has to do with love. It has to do with broken hearts." - Amalric on Bond's parallels to the real world