Henry Gupta
(Ricky Jay)

Character: Henry Gupta
Actor: Ricky Jay
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Age: 50's
Appearence: Large, bulldog-esque figure, beard, grey hair.
Status: Terminated

Most memorable quote:
"Press the magic button Beijing disappears"


Henry Gupta is an American computer "techno-terrorist" who started as a student radical at Berkeley in the 60s but now sells his polictics for cash.


Gupta's first job for Carver is to send the HMS Devonshire off course and do all the technical and surveillance work for Carver's plans. He laters monitors the party and security for Carver, before configuring the stealh ship's cruise missle to hit Beijing. He out-lives his usefulness when he is used as a hostage by Bond and is shot by Carver.