(Don Stroud)

Character: Heller
Actor: Don Stroud
Movie: Licence To Kill
Age: 30's
Appearence: Medium build, medium height, a demeanour of authority, but eyes that hide his fear.
Status: Terminated


A very efficient commander in chief of Sanchez's troops, Heller runs his command with military style authority. However, there is the sense that Heller is weary of Sanchez's rule of terror and fears for his on life. To this end Heller is prepared to come over to the CIA with the stinger missiles and testify against Sanchez.


Franz Sanchez's head of security, Heller runs the drug lord's private army in Isthmus City. Sanchez also turns against Heller, over four Stinger missiles stolen from Contra rebels that Heller is trying to return to the US. Thanks to Bond sowing the seed of doubt and deceit in the mind of Sanchez, Heller is impaled on the blades of a fork lift.