Eric Kriegler
(John Wyman)

Character: Eric Kriegler
Actor: John Wyman
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Age: Early 20's
Appearence: Blond hair, blue eyes, tall muscular build and fair complexion.
Status: Terminated

Respected as a world champion in the Pentathalon and admired by the ladies, Erik Kriegler has another, darker side to his character. He works for the nefarious Kristatos in an attempt to sell the British ATAC to the Russians.


Kriegler is an East German biathlon champion and the brawn of Kristatos' operation. Dedicated and trained he is relentless in his pursuit of his objective and his own perfection. He is devoted to the enhancement of his physical performance, but at the loss of his intellectual development. Having been successful for his whole life, defeat is not something that Kriegler can handle with any dignity, causing him to habour hostility and quickly form hatred. He is also the object of Bibi Dahl's young passion.


Distracted from his competition Kriegler focuses on his mission to eliminate Bond in a cross country ski chase of epic proportions. Bond gets the better of Kriegler and when the two meet later atop St. Cyril, Kriegler is after his revenge. However, Bond gets the better of Kriegler again and pushes him through a window to plummet to his death.