(Vladek Sheybal)

Character: Kronsteen
Actor: Vladek Sheybal
Movie: From Russia With Love
Age: 35
Appearence: Black hair, dark piercing eyes, Russian and Polish nationality.
Status: Terminated


Kronsteen had a cold and egotistical manner, he thought he was unbeatable because of his brilliant intelligence as a chess player and strategist. Kronsteen had a chilling and humourless personality, his soft spoken voice was that of a calm and experienced intellect.


Although Blofeld was Kronsteen's superior, he was in charge of the planning and strategies of the elaborate plot. Kronsteen's plan was of benefit to SPECTRE in several areas, from power, revenge and extortion. Blofeld had left it up to Kronsteen and the plot was devised in order to steal a Lektor decoder from the Russians and extort millions of dollar from them to get the decoder back, Kronsteen also involved James Bond in the plot to avenge the termination of Dr No.

Kronsteen enlisted the help of Rosa Klebb who defected to SPECTRE from Russia's SMERSH organisation, Klebb recruited Tatiana Romanova a Soviet cipher clerk, Tatiana was unaware of Klebb's membership with SPECTRE and thought she was to seduce Bond to supply some information to the Soviets. However Bond was to be killed and the Lektor stolen and it would be unknown to Bond that he was actually delivering the Lektor to SPECRE.


Kronsteen did not personally have his own headquarters, but was to report to his superior, Blofeld aboard a yacht. Blofeld's office was a luxurious room aboard the yacht with a large hardwood desk, it also included a fish tank with Blofeld's seams fighting fish, entertainment and cat food. Kronsteen initially layed out the plot details aboard the yacht and was later killed by Morzeny in front of Blofeld's desk.