General Medrano (Joaquín Cosio)


Actor: Joaquín Cosio
Character: General Medrano
Movie: Quantum of Solace
Date of Birth: 1962
Distinguishing Feature: Propensity to rape women
Appearance: Heavily built physique
Status: Terminated
Organisations & Alliances: Quantum, Dominic Greene, Bolivian Police Colonel

"My country is not some fly-speck in the middle of the Caribbean."

Ousted from his home country of Bolivia for orchestrating a series of dodgy deals, General Medrano is a scheming and power hungry ex-army officer. Having sought out Dominic Greene to fund a coup in the South American nation, Medrano meets his match in the two-faced villain who stacks the deal in his own favour.

With a lust for blood and a sadistic passion, Medrano delights in disposing with untoward and rebellious acquaintances personally. The General was responsible for the death of Camille's mother, father and sister and when the feisty Bond-girl infiltrates Greene's organisation, Medrano's days become numbered.

Medrano has many connections to the police in Bolivia and rogue officers willing to do the bidding of this would-be dictator. After initiating plans to overthrow the Bolivian authorities, Medrano is confronted by Greene with a dead-end proposition. As part of the arrangement, Greene's organisation acquired a plot of land, which was hoarding water from underground streams thus leaving Green Planet the only provider of services for Medrano's new dictatorship. Before the proceedings are complete, however, Camille ably disposes of Medrano in a bloody fight at the Perla De Las Dunas hotel.

Born in Mexico in 1960, Joaquín Cosio held a number of jobs before electing to train for stagecraft. He made his theatre debut in the early 1980s and shortly thereafter became a regular player with the National Theatre Company in Mexico.

Since winning his place in the prestigious theatre company, Cosio worked with a number of well-respected Mexican directors including David Olguin, Antonio Castro and Luis De Tavira. At the turn of the century, he made a break into Mexican cinema - his first on-screen role was to be as Tío Luis in 2002's "Una de dos" - directed by Marcel Sisniega. For his work on "Matando Cabos" (2004), Cosio won the prestigious Mexican "Arial" award granted by the Mexican Cinematographic Academy. Prior to his work on "Quantum of Solace", he appeared namely in local Mexican productions - the Bond picture was his first Hollywood outing and first English-speaking film.

"I am really very happy because a film of this scale, a film of this level, will have the participation of a Mexican actor."

Cosio on his first outing in Hollywood: "For now it is not in my head to go there, but this is a movie made by Hollywood, but I am quite happy with my projects which I have some door at the national cinema."