Mischka and Grischska
(David Meyer and nthony Meyer)

Character: Mischka and Grischska
Actor: David Meyer and Anthony Meyer
Movie: Octopussy
Age: Early 30's
Appearence: Identical twins of medium build, dark hair and complexion.
Status: Terminated

Kamal Khan's trained assassins, Mishka and Grishka (played by real life twins David and Anthony Meyer) are knife throwing circus performers in Octopussy's travelling circus. However, they also use those knives with deadly consequences when anyone stands in the way of Khan's plans.

Most memorable quote:
Grishka: This is for my brother.


Twin knife-throwers employed by Kamal Khan and General Orlov as the undercover force inside of Octopussy's Circus. Their skill with throwing knives is a deadly and silent force responsible for the necessary killing commanded by Orlov.


Mischka and Grischska kill British agent 009 in the night chase through the woods as he attempts to escape with the stolen Faberge egg. 007 has a little more luck, and dispossess of the them one by one. First Mischka is hit on the head by a cannon barrel. Later Grischska and Bond are thrown completely off the train. Pinned to the door of a cabin with a couple of throwing knifes and facing certain death, Bond trips Grischska and kills him with one of his own knifes.