Dr. Carl Mortner aka Hans Glaub
(Willoughby Gray)

Character: Dr. Carl Mortner aka Hans Glaub
Actor: Willoughby Gray
Movie: A View To A Kill
Age: Late 70's
Appearence: White hair, aged and wizen features. Usually with stick and monocle.
Status: Terminated


Dr. Carl Mortner was a pioneer in the field of steroid development. As Hans Glaub, under Nazi reign, his experiments testing and manipulating steroid developments on unborn foetuses were at the expense of Jewish women and children in concentration camps during World War II. Entrusted with the job of using steroids to create a super race of human beings, the fall of Germany ended his projects and he became a prize of war quickly seized by the Soviets. Though most of Glaub's steroid babies ended up aborting, a few survived with phenomenal I.Q's and one slight side effect: they were psychotics. Glaub's prize creation was Max Zorin, a blonde hair, blue eyed Aryan psychopath to whom Glaub became a father figure, looking on him as both his son and ultimate success.


Working for the KGB Mortner was allowed to "defect" to the west with Zorin to further Soviet objectives. Mortner was involved in surgically enhancing racehorse performance and it was his steroid/microchip invention that gave Pegasus her extra stamina. Having seen Zorin fall to his death Mortner attempted to kill Bond with a bundle of dynamite, but ultimately caused his own destruction as the bundle exploded inside the airship.