Mr. Osato
(Teru Shimada)

Character: Mr. Osato
Actor: Teru Shimada
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Age: Early 50's
Appearence: Japanese nationallity, white hair, dark eyes and a thin white moustache.
Status: Terminated

A hapless pawn in Blofeld's game of world domination, Mr. Osato is the chief executive of Osato Enterprises. In You Only Live Twice, he is closely involved in the SPECTRE plot to start a world war by sabotaging space exploratory missions by both the U.S. and Russia and supplies numerous technical innovations to the SPECTRE space race.


Osata was a powerful and respected businessman in Japan as head of Osato Chemical and Engineering Company. Although respected it was discovered that Osato was in fact corrupt and working for SPECTRE.


Mr Osato was responsible for suppling SPECTRE with liquid oxygen which was used to fuel their rocket. Osato was ordered by Blofeld to have Bond assasinated, after they realised he was a British secret agent. After several unsucessful attempts on Bond's life, Osato was executed by Blofeld, for failure.