Victor Zokas aka Renard (Robert Carlyle)

"No hard feelings Mr. Bond, but we're even, soon you'll feel nothing at all. "

Actor: Robert Carlyle
Character: Victor Zokas (aka Renard)
Movie: The World Is Not Enough
Date of Birth: 14th April 1961
Height: 5' 8" (1.73m)
Distinguishing Feature: Cannot feel pain
Appearance: Balding, dark crew-cut, harsh inset eyes, short but fit and strong physique, bullet entry wound at temple.
Status: Terminated
Organisations & Alliances: Elektra King, Cigar Girl, Mr. Bullion

Victor Zokas, aka Renard, is a brutal and cold-blooded terrorist with just a few short months to live, after the failed assassination attempt by MI6's 009. He has proven himself a ruthless killer, but while the flukish bullet lodged in his brain is progressively killing off his nervous system, Renard becomes exponentially dangerous - incapable of feeling pain, getting stronger every day until the day he dies.

Renard was cut loose by his KGB controllers after he proved to be too dangerous and is considered the world's most dangerous terrorist by MI6 and other security organisations. He tops the watch-list and M is only too keen to see him stopped. For Renard there is nothing to lose, so when he falls in love with a rich and powerful heiress, his lethal strength and terrorist skills are at her twisted command.

After the failed assassination a couple of years previous, Renard sets up the kidnapping of Elektra, the daughter of wealthy oil merchant, Sir Robert King. Zokas demands a grand $5 million, which King parts with under the advice of M - who had planned to use Elektra as bait to draw Renard out. What seemed to be a straight forward trade turns tricky when the pay-off erupts into an assassination of Sir Robert King. MI6 had tracked Renard through North Korea, Moscow, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Beirut and Cambodia before King's death by exploding bank notes - which Renard had orchestrated for James Bond to unwittingly deliver.

When Elektra inherits her father's empire, 007 is sent on a shadow operation - fearing Renard may strike the final blow at King family and have the daughter assassinated. Renard's plot grows deeper than mere ransom and brutal killing; he is robbing decommissioning plants to gather a nuclear arsenal. What at first seemed to be targeted attacks against the King family turns out to be a myth of deception as Renard and Elektra are working togerth to increase the value of her oil empire by targeting rival pipelines in the Caspian region.


I've Been Expecting You
"You can't kill me, I am already dead." Bond comes face to face with the villain while he is infiltrating Renard's take-over at a nuclear decommissioning plant. Bond holds Zokas to gunpoint in an attempt cease the hostile operation. But a shoot-out soon ensues where 007 must fight to protect the facility workers and halt Renard's goons and the bomb.

"How sad... to be threatened by a man who can't grasp what he's involved in."


Renard is constantly on the run, evading the authorities and striking when least expected. With no set base or home, the villain frequently camps in the rough and occasionally rendezvous with his lover at deserted Maiden's Tower.

Gadgets & Vehicles
In a final effort to bring the King legacy to a corrupt power, Renard hi-jacks a world renowned C-Class Nuclear submarine that he "borrowed" from the Russian navy and Zukovsky's nephew, Captain Nikolai.

Dress Code
Renard constantly varies his outfits to suit his latest deception or guise. At the nuclear facility he dons a navy-blue jumpsuit with Russian embroidery, but in general Renard adopts an unassuming style of dress - black rib-necks and often a black leather jacket.

Goodbye, Mr Bond
"Welcome to my nuclear family." On board the quickly sinking Russian sub, Renard and Bond do battle in the reactor room. Bond has to be quick to prevent Zokas' attempt at a final nuclear legacy, and after a brutal showdown, Bond sends Renard to his watery-grave by ejecting a uranium rod into his chest before the sub blows.

Born and raised in Maryhill, Glasgow, Robert Carlyle was the son of a painter and decorator, Joseph Carlyle. His mother left home when her son was only four and Robert was raised by his father - attending a local public school before enrolling in the Glasgow Arts Centre and later, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

In 1991, together with a couple of friends from drama-school, Carlyle founded the theatre company Raindog, which has enjoyed a wide variety of alternate and successful productions to date. Carlyle launched his on-screen career in the early '90s by appearing in a variety of respectable TV dramas including "The Bill", "Taggart" and coming to UK recognition in his role alongside Robbie Coltrane in the TV-detective thriller, "Cracker".

Robert Carlyle picked up the opportunity to headline his own TV series in 1995, when he was offered the title-role of "Hamish MacBeth" in the police themed comedy-drama.

By 1996, Carlyle was enjoying an impressive career, both on television and in the movies. He was bounded into international recognition with his role as psychopathic Begbie in the fantasy-infused comedy-drama "Trainspotting" - where he played alongside fellow Scots Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner.

"There's no point in living if you can't feel alive."

From here, Carlyle starred as a hard-worn coal worker in "The Full Monty" before coming on-board the James Bond series as the vicious Renard in "The World Is Not Enough" (1999). The same year, Robert Carlyle was awarded with a Queen's OBE for services to the entertainment industry.

Since his run-in with 007, Carlyle has enjoyed a steady flow of promising and creative films both in and out of Hollywood including: "Hitler: The Rise of Evil" and "28 Weeks Later".

Carlyle embraces every role he undertake and is remembered by fans and co-workers for fully engaging and committing, both physically and mentally to each of his characters.

In 1997, Carlyle married Anastasia Shirley, a make-up artist he met and worked with in his early career. While the pair tried to keep the marriage as private as possible; a "friend" was reported to have leaked the news to the press. The presently have three children, Ava, Harvey and Pearce.