(Patrick Bauchau)

Character: Scarpine
Actor: Patrick Bauchau
Movie: A View To A Kill
Age: 30's
Appearence: Black hair, medium build and height.
Status: Terminated


Scarpine is Max Zorin's head of security, and in charge of carefully observing the activities of 007. Unlike Mayday, Jenny Flex and Pan Ho, Scarpine is totally in the confidence of Zorin, but seems to be nothing more than his unthinking right-hand man.


Ever loyal in his acceptance of Zorin's orders, Scarpine is involved in everything from gunning down the defenceless mine workers with Zorin to personally piloting Zorin's airship. Despite not falling victim to Zorin's fits of insanity Scarpine is eventually killed in the destruction of the airship as Carl Mortner, mourning the death of Zorin attempts to destroy Bond with a stick of dynamite but drops the explosive in the cabin of the airship.