Stamper (Gotz Otto)

Character: Stamper
Actor: Gotz Otto
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Age: 35
Appearence: Tall, strong, blond hair, one blue eye and one brown eye.
Status: Terminated

Most memorable quote:
"I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond."


Elliot Carver's right hand man, Mr. Stamper aims to become the ultimate in henchmen under the careful tutelage of Dr. Kaufman. Standing at over 6ft in height and carrying a very large gun, his nervous system problem causes him to feel pleasuer when he should feel pain.


Mr. Stamper callously murders the survivors of a ship wreck in an attempt to get good footage for the Carver Media Network. Stamper becomes angry after Bond kills Stamper's tutor, Dr. Kaufman and later introduces Bond to his torture set. Onboard the stealh ship, Stamper holds Wai Lin captive and chains her to a missile that is set to take off shortly. Bond and Stamper fight on top of the cruise missile, Bond gets the upper hand and manages to drop a very heavy weight onto Stamper's feet trapping him. Stamper is killed when the missile tries to take off but is blown up by explosive charges left by Bond.