Valenka (Ivana Milicevic)


Actress: Ivana Milicevic
Character: Valenka
Status: Terminated
Movie: Casino Royale
Date of Birth: 26/04/74
Height: 5' 10½"
Place of Birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia

Valenka is the evil mistress of Le Chiffre. An athletic swimmer and supporting a graceful figure, Valenka keeps Le Chiffre’s opponents eye’s on her and off their cards.

As well as a pretty face, Valenka does some of her keeper’s dirty work – spiking Bond’s martini with poison.

Valenka soon discovers that Le Chiffre is incapable of protecting her from the storm of trouble heading their way, and nearly has her arm removed by a money chasing terrorist out to catch Le Chiffre at his risky game. Valenka finally meets her demise at the cold end of the mysterious Mr. White’s pistol.

Ivana Milicevic was born in Bosnia, originally part of Yugoslavia, but emigrated to the US at a young age. Brought up in Michigan, Ivana attended Athens High School.

Her first introduction to the “show-biz” world was through modeling as a teenager. As well as modeling Ivana dabbled in stand up comedy before winning a small role along side Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire”.

Soon she was offered other cameo roles in films such as “Enemy of the State” starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

Other Milicevic credits include several popular TV series, “Friends”, “Just Shoot Me” and HBO’s “Seinfeld”.

More recently, Ivana has broken back into Hollywood and received roles in Reese Witherspoon’s “Just Like Heaven” and Paul Walker’s “Running Scared” as well as “Casino Royale”.