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Moore's co-star, Katie McGrath, spills the beans on Roger's cheeky sense of humour

22-Dec-2011 • Actor News

Moore and "Merlin" star Katie McGrath recently appeared in the festive family comedy A Christmas Princess, and the actress had a word or two with The Fan Carpet about Sir Roger and his notoriously cheeky sense of humour:

"He's charming and suave but he's got this dirty, dirty sense of humour. He's so composed when he does it, he brought his wife to set and the two of them, they've been together for years, but they flirt like 15 year olds. It's so sweet to see, it's so lovely. He doesn't disappoint. You're watching James Bond, he's in a suit, and he just comes out with the twisted, dirty line."

"I think he's moved beyond that now. I think Roger Moore no longer needs to eyebrow act. I think he can just be Roger."

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