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Unified feed and new look email newsletter - now available

10-Jun-2022 • Site News

The dead are alive?

MI6 has been serving readers since 1998. We started publishing regular news in 2002, and much of our 20 years worth of content is still available on mi6-hq.com in one form or another. In fact – for historical curiosity – you can still view some of the earliest news stories we posted back in 2002, covering the production of 'Die Another Day'.

Suffice to say, we have seen a lot of fads come and go. We have seen the rise of Bebo, MySpace, Digg, and more. We have loved engaging with readers and fellow Bond fans on social media but the best way to keep up with Bond has always been a couple of staple channels that are sure to show you all the latest: the website and our RSS feed. If you've never tried RSS (really simple syndication), you can subscribe for free to many of your favourite sites using a handful of free apps, like Feedly or NetNewsWire – you will always get shown all the content produced by your favourite creators.

RSS ebbed in popularity with Twitter, Facebook, Google News, and other agregator services. But it's recent spike in popularity is owed to its chrological and complete nature. Recently we have launched our unified RSS feed – for the first time combining our news feed and with our longer form and original content.

Plus, we have refreshed newsletter that wraps up the Bond news weekly and includes some rare visual items from our 20-year rich archives. You can preview the content before subscribing over on our Substack. If you've got questions about any of our content you can contact us direct on the website, or hit reply on any newsletter.

What is old is new again.

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